In the blink of an eye, your child suddenly goes from a toddler in diapers to a young adult heading away to college for the first time. While this bittersweet moment in time is a right of passage for parents everywhere, few realize the importance of making sure their son or daughter has proper estate planning documents in place before leaving. These essential tools make it possible for parents to act quickly and efficiently on behalf of their child in the event of an emergency.

Basic Estate Planning Documents Every Child Over Age 18 Needs

Estate planning documents are critical for every person, no matter what age. This includes young adults after they turn 18. At a minimum, every individual should have:

  • Durable General Power of Attorney
  • HIPAA Patient Authorization
  • New Hampshire Advance Directives with Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Living Will
  • Massachusetts Health Care Proxy with Medical Directive

These documents, in combination, allow a parent to immediately step in during an emergency to manage a child’s medical care, speak directly with medical providers, and manage a child’s personal information and financial assets. Unfortunately, many parents assume that because it is their child, they will automatically have these rights in place. If your child is over age 18, however, he or she is a legal adult. As such, you may be denied access to bank accounts, be unable to access important personal information, and struggle to oversee your child’s health care absent intervention from the courts.

Before your child leaves home this fall, whether it be to attend college or to set out on his or her own for the first time, take the necessary steps to know that you can act quickly in the event of an emergency. We are here to help you obtain that peace of mind so that you can focus on enjoying your child’s first big life steps into adulthood. We make this process quick, easy, and painless, by offering a Back to School Package for all children over age 18 at a very affordable cost.

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