When a loved one passes away, you may discover that you were named the executor of his or her will. In both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the executor is now referred to as a personal representative. Acting as personal representative means that you are responsible for administering the estate. Unless you have served in this role in the past, you may feel confused and overwhelmed as to how to get started.

Five First Steps for a New Hampshire Executor During Probate Administration

What should you do next after your loved one has passed away? The following are five suggested initial steps:

  • Contact an experienced Hampton probate administration attorney. The guidance of a knowledgeable professional can help ensure that you are fulfilling all of your responsibilities as a personal representative. It can also help lighten your load by sharing many of the necessary estate administration tasks.
  • Carefully review the last will and testament. This document will not only list your name as personal representative of the estate, it will also state who should receive the assets of the estate and who should be appointed guardian of any minor children.
  • File the will. In New Hampshire, wills must be filed with the probate court within 30 days of date of death.
  • Prepare and file the necessary paperwork to obtain your appointment as personal representative of the estate. Until the court grants its approval, you will not have authority to take action in your capacity as executor.
  • Locate the assets of the estate. Once you have your appointment as personal representative, you are responsible for safeguarding and managing these assets.

These five items are just a small sampling of the many tasks you will need to accomplish as part of the full estate administration process. It is important that you act quickly and efficiently when serving in this role. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate the process alone. A knowledgeable New Hampshire probate administration lawyer can help you fulfill your responsibilities in the best possible manner.

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